What we can do

Over the years, we have established ourselves in the medical industry and researched the latest medical technologies, devices, materials, and solutions around the world, and have successfully introduced many products to the Japanese market.

Recent developments in technology and the acceleration of information speed have been remarkable, but it is not easy to determine certain potential and feasibility with such developments in the Japanese market.

Leveraging our experience and expertise to date, we intend to introduce superior products and solutions to Japan and contribute to the realization of prosperous society.

President&CEO  Hajime Takada

Company Overview

Company Name SGT Co., Ltd.
Establishment April 1. 2019
Paid-in Capital 10 million yen
Directors President&CEO Hajime Takada
Director Eiji Miyazaki
Location 33rd Floor Shinjuku Oak Tower, 6-8-1 Nishi-Shinjuku, Shinjuku-Ku, Tokyo, 163-6033, Japan
Affiliate Nippon Sigmax Co.,Ltd.

Business Description

Our Services - All operations for introduction and establishment of products
and services related to medical and wellness fields from overseas to Japan.

  • R&D, manufacturing, sales, leasing, import/export, and repair of medical devices and supplies.

  • R&D, manufacturing, sales, leasing, import/export, and repair of sporting goods.

  • R&D, manufacturing, sales, lease, import/export, and repair of sanitary supplies.

  • R&D, manufacturing, sales, leasing, import/export, and repair of rehabilitation and healthcare equipment and supplies.

  • R&D, manufacturing, sales, lease, import/ export, and repair of equipment and supplies to assist physical activities in daily life.

  • Consulting services for each business.

Contact Information

SGT Co., Ltd.

33rd Floor Shinjuku Oak Tower
6-8-1, Nishi-Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo
163-6033, Japan

Telephone +81 3(5326)3295

Fax +81 3(5326)3299

Mail : sgt-info@sgt-japan.com

Privacy Information handling policy

Privacy policy

SGT Co., Ltd. ("Company"), define "physical activity support" as its business domain, shall proactively conduct the activities to support people for more healthy and comfortable lives. The Company considers that appropriately using and managing the personal information of the customers, business partners and employees handled through its business activities is not only the social responsibility but also the important responsibility of the Company. The Company shall respect the rights of each person and appropriately protect the personal information pursuant to the followings.

1. Obtaining, use and provision of personal information
The Company shall obtain the personal information from the person himself/herself by the appropriate method within the scope necessary by notifying the purpose of use of the personal information to be obtained. In addition, the Company shall use the personal information only within the scope notified as the purpose of use, appropriately manage it and shall not disclose or provide it to any third party without approval of the person himself/herself.
Further, the Company has fully notified, through education and others, to use the personal information within the scope of the purpose of use and has taken measures to prevent the use of the personal information for the purpose other than the intended use.

2. Legal compliance for personal information
Complying with the laws, regulations, policies and other rules determined by the government applicable to the personal information owned by the Company, the Company makes efforts to appropriately protect the handling of personal information in accordance with the personal information protection management system.

3. Safety control measures for personal information
The Company maintains the personal information owned by the Company in a correct and most updated, recognizes the risks for leakage, loss or damage of the personal information and takes possible preventive measures and correction measures for the risks from time to time to.

4. Handling of complaints and inquiries for personal information
The inquiry counter for personal information shall receive complaints and inquiries for the personal information owned by the Company and any other inquires about the personal information protection policies.5. Continuous improvements of personal information protection management system The Company shall organize the internal structure necessary to protect the personal information owned by the Company, operate the said structure as being effective and make efforts for continuous improvements of the personal information protection management system.

SGT Co., Ltd. Inquiry counter for Privacy information
Address: 33F Shinjuku Oak Tower, 6-8-1 Nishi-shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 163-6033
Telephone: 03-5326-3290 (weekdays from 9:00 to 17:30)

Enforced on April 1, 2019
President&CEO Hajime Takada